Bicycle Main Plate Forging

Main components of the bicycle

Bicycles can be approximately categorized into 25 major parts , including frames, tires, pedals, brakes, chains, etc.

Among them, bicycle frame is like the skeleton of human body. It bears the most weight of people and goods.
Categorized by working characteristics of each component, bicycles can be roughly divided into guiding system, driving system, and braking system:

1. Guiding system: composed of handlebar, front fork, front axle, front-wheel, and other components. Riders can change driving direction and maintain body balance by controlling the handlebar.

2. Drive (transmission or walking) system: composed of pedals, bottom bracket, sprocket, crank, chain, flywheel, rear axle, rear-wheel, and other components. Human pedaling force is driven by pedals through crank, sprocket, chain, flywheel, rear axle, and other components so that the bicycle continues to advance.

3. Brake system: It consists of brake components. Riders can control the brake at any time to slow down, stop, and ensure driving safety. Besides, for safety and beauty, from a practical point of view, it is also equipped with lights, brackets, and other components.

Composition of bicycle

Name of each part of the bicycle

Application of forging on bicycles

Main stamping and forging process and applicable models for bicycles

Forgings process and applicable models for bicycles

Main plate forgings process and applicable models for bicycles