Application of TFT-LCD Panel

Chin Fong participated in Taiwan’s first TFT industry automated production line with 6 sets of 110 tons of presses and robots in 2001.

At present, in Taiwan, tier-1 manufacturers in the industry are all planned by Chin Fong, so are most of the tier-2 & 3 manufacturers. Up to now, Chin Fong sold more than 1,000 presses for TFT application.

The quality of Chin Fong has unanimously recognized by customers from the TFT industry.

Chin Fong, with the abundant experience in planning and manufacturing TFT production line.

In response to the high productivity demand for TV and monitors, different from conventional production methods, Chin Fong helps customers build automation production lines by integrating multi-connected presses, multi-stage presses, progressive tools, blanking rivet machine, and laser welding. Therefore, the automated TFT production line helps customers enhance productivity, save manpower, and lower deficiency.

Chin Fong is able to assist clients in planning suitable types and amounts of presses for different dimensions of panels with ample experience.

6~8 multi-presses specifications

How to select presses?
Condition 1: For example, if a customer stamps 42 inches, choose a bigger bolster or press than the customers exactly need in case of future expansion.
Condition 2: Maximum capacity 250 tons
Condition 3: The flatness of back cover needs to be within 0.1mm.
Condition 4: The selection of presses needs to consider the whole production line.

Production line planning: 7 presses connected (GTX-300 x 7 or 400 x 7)
Press 1: Piercing → Press 2: Trimming, bumping and piercing → Press 3: Trimming, bumping and piercing → Press 4: Trimming, bumping and piercing → Tapping → Press 5: Fold down front and back side → Press 6: Fold up left and right side → Press 7: Flatness finishing

Application: Components of TFT-LCD thin sheet metal less than 6mm、

Chin Fong has created a standard acceptance procedure for TFT production line equipment.

TFT production lines including multi-connected presses, robots (tapping machines), and tooling, need to be positioned at the same time and finish the connection test within a specific time (e.g. 10 days), and then the whole production line equipment can be accepted.

Standard operating procedures of multi-presses positioning and die height calibration:

(1) Multiple presses are positioned based on A bolster center, No. 1~8 presses lined up as shown below.

(2) Use theodolite to adjust the working height of all the presses to be consistent. When presses are ready, adjust die height to be consistent, and check if the values of the die height indicator are the same.

(3) Customers provide the pitch distance between each press.

(4) Move/Adjust the slide to bottom dead canter, take the medium height (e.g. 450mm), and reset dial indicator of the first press as ato be benchmark, and then calibrate all the presses.

(6) Chin Fong provides various methods of quick die positioning that greatly reduce die installation time.