Various types of mechanical presses for different kinds of industry requirements, such as automotive, home appliance, metal hardware, or 3C electronic products. With this advantage in hands, Chin Fong is capable of providing suitable press to meet customers’ needs.


With years of successful experience, Chin Fong is confident in providing customers with intelligent solutions, help customers move towards the trend of Industry 4.0, equipped with intelligent factories, and connect with the world's industry chain.


Chin Fong stands for premium metal processing at the highest level: We offer pressing and punching solutions for all categories of material thicknesses, materials, and geometries. Consistent quality and highest productivity are our top priorities. Whether it’s for manual or automated operation, we have the ideal solutions for you in our product range. This will enable you to guarantee quality and delivery reliability.

About Chin Fong



Since 1948, Chin Fong Machine has grown into the largest manufacturer of mechanical power presses in Taiwan. In recent years, we have begun promoting digital transformation, integrating our punching equipment with the Internet of things technology, and introducing intelligent forming solutions based on punching and forging experience. (iForming).

The biggest in Taiwan and the top five in the world, as the leading manufacturer of the mechanical power presses, capable of the most powerful R&D ability; the worldwide service and sales network for the customer support are superior to the competitors, famous for offering the best quality products in the global press market. The road a company has to go to grow has no end. Chin Fong has the vision to be a global leader with our talent and professionalism as we know how to serve our customers better.