Intelligent Forming, Creating Future for You.​

Aiming at the rapid changes from external environment and the fierce competition in manufacturing market, through upgrading of manufacturing, together with information system that assists lean management, operational risks are thus reduced, and supply chain management efficiency is improved. Manufacturing industry will become the pioneer of Intelligence application among all the industries.

Equipment Intelligence

The Equipment Intelligence solution provides quick and efficient access to up-to-date and trustworthy data generated by equipment. Companies can efficiently manage changes, track issues, and effectively prevent machines from malfunctioning due to uncertain factors such as deterioration or wear. Life cycle and lifetime are recorded and there are advance warnings to equipment on the blink and equipment about to reach lifetime.

Factory Intelligence

Intelligent manufacturing can realize automation, intelligence, leanness, and visualization, and greatly improve the level of perception, control, and management of products and manufacturing processes. The implementation of manufacturing IoT technology can achieve significant benefits in logistics management, equipment monitoring, quality traceability, safety warning, energy control, etc. Besides, its advantages are described as follows:

A factory’s overall design, process flow, and layout can be established into digital models, and simulations are carried out to achieve visualization of production process data and optimization of production processes.

Realize a full process monitoring of logistics, energy flow, and assets. Establish data collection and monitoring system. The sampling rate of production process data can be adjusted to more than 90% according to the needs of managers.

Adopting advanced control systems, key production links realize model-based advanced control and online optimization.

Production planning and scheduling are modeled through Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions (MES), thus realizing process quantitative management, cost and quality dynamic tracking, and integrated collaborative optimization from raw materials to finished products.

Build an auto detection & monitoring system for toxic and hazardous substances and emission generated from high environmental risk projects.

Build a communication network in the factory to connect every sector (manufacturing, logistics, inspection, monitoring and data collection, etc) and connect MES and ERP.

Product Intelligence

“Intelligent Press” is the future development trend of the press industry. The core of Chin Fong Intelligence combines “Internet of Things”, “Intelligence” and “Connectivity”. Whether it is generic presses, transfer presses, forging presses or servo presses, the intelligent Chin Fong Cloud platform can cover all of them.

IoT: Through the intelligent communication port, the data can be safely and stably transmitted to the Chin Fong Cloud platform. The platform has advanced smart meters to ensure that the core data of the press can be collected and displayed.

Intelligence: Chin Fong Intelligent Cloud Platform has built-in proprietary AI models and algorithms to summarize, analyze and predict data. Meanwhile, Chin Fong Cloud combines the expert team of R&D technologies and offers the customers real-time problem diagnosis and the best solution.

Connectivity: Through website and mobile phone APP, customers can quickly and obtain real-time and accurate information of press status, and analysis reports, optimization suggestions, and after-sales services, thereby improving productivity.

Management Intelligence

The core of intelligent management is intelligent decision-making. The main content of intelligent decision-making is to allocate company resources, establish and maintain the order of operations. After integration of customers’ MES, ERP, SCM and CRM, customers can receive the most up-to-date information for decision making. On the basis of Chin Fong’s management experience, the core of Chin Fong management intelligence is to achieve efficient integration of “human factors” and “man-machine coordination”. Our goal is to help customers achieve “Man-Machine Combination” and “Collective Intelligence” In the era of knowledge economy, the most valuable assets of a company will be knowledge workers and their productivity. Through iForming, every employee will become a knowledge worker so as to achieve the synergy of Man-Machine Combination” and “Collective Intelligence”.

Service Intelligence

To satisfy customers’ needs in after-sales service (e.g. ensure the operation of machine, prevent accident and secure the safety of operators, enhance productivity, etc.), customers can apply for repair request by the newly developed Chin Fong Support APP. On receiving the application, we will dispatch after-sales service staff and track for each maintenance case. To further improve customer service and timely handle customer complaints, iForming can offer analysis data of complaint cases to improve quality management.

In the future, the core of Chin Fong Intelligence will be “intelligent device “, ” intelligent operation and maintenance ” and ” intelligent transformation ” to provide customers with the best intelligent total solutions.