Intelligent Stamping Solution – iForming

Chin Fong Intelligent Forming is an intelligent forming solution exclusive to the stamping industry, and it can assist the transformation of traditional stamping factories into smart factories.

• Intelligent production equipment
• IoT device management
• Smart management production line
• Rapid war room build-up
• Timely service to global customers
• Integrated processes and mobile applications

Chin Fong Intelligent Forming Productivity Management System – iForming PMS is integrated with AI equipment, big-data collection and system integration application.

Production Intelligence helps realize real-time monitoring and enhance customers’ productivity.

Equipment Intelligence provides predictive maintenance notices and tooling life prediction, so that it can extend the life of equipment and prevent malfunction.

Safe production monitoring of information security equipment to protect customers’ safety.

Service Intelligence is realized by Chin Fong’s innovative customer service APP.

By using the APP, customers can request maintenance, repair, check press information and maintenance record. This helps reduce down time and prevent the press from shut-down risk.

Through various mobile devices, costumers are able to stay on top of real-time situations. Customers don’t have to worry about production when they are off-site because the complete system integration (ERP/MES) helps production monitoring .Chin Fong Intelligent Manufacturing will always envision the next step for you.

Characteristics and Benefits of the System

Realization of visualization management to intelligent factory

System Integration Application